BarCode @ Liquid Lounge

It had been nearly four months since our last one night residency at the Liquid Lounge when we took to the stage on Friday, June 4th.  As constant supporters of live music, this room is one of the best in the city by far!  During our first 2 times at the Lounge, we were spoiled with rowdy and wild crowds and standing room only.

But that was during the winter.

I was a little worried going in this time, as we were competing with Brantford Hockeyfest, which drew crowds from all over the city to Lion’s Park in West Brant.  Fortunately enough for us, the evening brought rain, which forced it to end prematurely and enabled the crowd to return to their regularly scheduled Friday night, which was pouring into the local bars and clubs (pun intended).

The stage has changed at the Lounge as well.  They have removed the railings on either side, which enabled us to have a bit more personal space.   It’s no fun playing on top of each other.  We’re tight, but not that tight.

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